The darn thing is worth every penny

Samstag, 10. Februar 2007, 14.17 Uhr

Im November 2006 begann Scott Finnie ein dreimonatiges Experiment. Finnie ist ein professioneller Computer-Autor und langjähriger Windows-Experte. Er wollte es wissen: Ist der Mac tatsächlich ein so guter Computer, wie seine Fans behaupten? Kann man mit ihm seine tägliche Arbeit erledigen – in einer Windows-Netzwerk-Umgebung?

Beginning this week, for at least one month — maybe three — I’m making an Apple MacBook Pro my main work and personal computer. I’ve been slowly building up the software and systems I need to do this (with the excellent help of Computerworld’s IT department), including Lotus Notes for Macintosh and the migration of my 13-year-old Eudora for Windows installation. I may rely to some extent on Parallels for the Mac to run some things in an XP virtual machine, especially in the beginning. But the goal, as I said, is to find Macintosh tools for everything I do in Windows.

Die drei Monate sind nun um. Hier ist das Ergebnis:

Bye-bye Windows! My three-month Macintosh trial has ended, but my permanent gig with the Mac is just getting started. Apple’s MacBook Pro and Mac OS X are now my computer and operating system of choice.

If you give the Mac three months, as I did, you won’t go back either. The hardest part is paying for it — everything after that gets easier and easier. Perhaps fittingly, it took me the full three-month trial period to pay off my expensive MacBook Pro. But the darn thing is worth every penny.