Überwachung im Kino

Samstag, 30. September 2006, 13.59 Uhr

Jim Emerson berichtet vom Toronto Film Festival und Death of a
. Das ist sein P.S.:

P.S. Throughout the festival, men in short-sleeved white shirts have stood in the aisles during press screenings shooting infrared video of the crowd. During the movie, mind you. Ostensibly, this is just a distracting and intrusive anti-piracy measure — the price you pay for, well, watching a movie. I guess the idea is that if the tapes show any members of the audience photographing what’s on the screen, they can be tracked down and prosecuted. No word about those who just pick their noses or itch their butts, but I’m sure a compilation of that footage will eventually appear somewhere — perhaps on the Internet. I can’t tell you, though, how disconcerting it was to see these guys filming us as we watched „Death of a President“ and the film talked about the new surveillance procedures allowed under „Patriot Act III.“ If I disappear trying to legally cross back into the U.S. (I’m a citizen), please look for me.